Wind Farm Development

Land for WTGs

  • Wind data and Micrositing for Wind Turbines complying with MNRE guidelines
  • Land for footprints (as per the WTG rotor Dia) for wind turbine locations, meeting the MNRE Guidelines dated 22nd October 2017 (’Guidelines for Development of Onshore Wind Power Project’) and amendments thereto.
  • Land for access to the wind turbine locations, with a width of 5 Mts, from the nearest public road.
  • Land for storage yard on lease in the proximity of the wind farm
  • Viviid would secure Airforce/Airport NOC (as applicable} for the WTG locations
  • Civil Works & Construction for Wind Project (Storage yard, PSS Building)
  • Land clearing and levelling, Access Road Construction, WTG Platform, Foundation Excavation, Crane Pad
  • Storage Yard, Material Yard with Fencing and closed shed
  • Local area Right of Way (ROW) issues and necessary land approvals to start construction activities
  • Construction of WTG Foundation (Optional)
  • Setting up of the Batching Plant (Optional)
  • Power Evacuation

Expertise in design and construction of EHV transmission lines, pooling substation, 33KV network including regulatory approvals.

Wind Development Rights

  • Viviid has full fledged Wind Resource Department (WRD) with centralized data monitoring and analysis capability.
  • Viviid has the access to various potential sites identified across the 8 windy states in India and has a pipeline of another 100 sites for Wind Mast installations in next 2 years, wherein wind monitoring will be done at hub heights of up to 160 Mtr.
  • Wind Data measured at each site for periods in excess of 3 years.
  • Viviid’s assessments are endorsed by all leading consultants (DNVGL, UL Dewi, 3 Tier, Entura) engaged in Wind Energy prediction.

Wind Land and Land Approval

  • Viviid has specialized land acquisition teams in each of the 8 Windy states : Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
  • Expertise in the procedures of land procurement in each of the 8 Windy states for all three types of lands: Revenue, Forest and Private.
  • Revenue Land: District Collectorate, Mamlatdar, Forest, Geology & Mining, Prant Office, Road & Building Dept., Health- Pollution NOC , Water Department, Revenue (Land & Records) Dept.
  • Private Land: Negotiation with Farmers/Land Owners, Retrieval & Search of Land Title Records for at least 30 years from Land & Records Dept., Newspaper Advertisement, Registrar Office, Collector Office, Industrial Commissioner Dept., Town Planning, Village Gram Panchayat, NA Approvals.
  • Forest Land: Expertise in securing Stage -1/2 approvals.

Statutory Approval

Prior to commencing construction and during construction of a project, it is critical to obtain necessary statutory approvals from various authorities and we offer assistance in securing these approvals.

  • Approvals from Airport Authority of India, the Airforce NOC, the MNRE, and the MOD.
  • Approvals for Power Evacuation Infrastructure – Pooling Substations, EHV line to PGCIL Substation.
  • CEIG (Chief Electrical Inspector to Government) approvals required for Commissioning.
  • CEA approval (Sec-68 & Section 164), PTCC approval, Railway Crossing, Highway Crossing permissions, Road & Buildings Permission from Local Office (PWD) for EHV line, MOEF approval (Forest crossings).
  • Labor laws Compliances (PF & ESIC ) Approval for Factories Act, Interstate migrant workmen, Registration under BOCW Act and payment of Cess Synchronization approvals CTU/STU, Charging permission CEIG.

Civil BOP - Engineering, Design and Construction

  • VIVIID RENEWABLES provides engineering & design and subsequent civil work and construction with complete project management solution for 100 % of BOP work.
  • Experienced Team for Civil works, Road construction & Clearances.
  • Expertise in getting compliances and securing local area approvals for material movement.
  • Storage Yard, Material Yard with Fencing and Closed Shed.
  • Local area Right of Way (ROW) issues and necessary Land approvals to start Construction activities.
  • All other necessary Infrastructure required in case of Solar park i.e. (Development, Local Area Development, Site Development, Road Structure, Water Supply Infrastructure, Storm Water Drainage, Land Application fee , Power Infrastructure, Boundary Fencing, Street Light, Admin Building etc.).

Electrical BOP – Engineering, Design and Construction

  • VIVIID RENEWABLES has in-house teams and tie-ups with renowned experts in the field to undertake power load flow studies for the sites under development.
  • Expertise in design and construction of EHV Transmission lines, Pooling Substations, 33 KV Internal Transmission Lines and associated infrastructure.
  • Expertise in getting compliances and securing local area approvals for material movement.
  • Expertise in regulatory affairs, liasioning and obtaining all necessary project approvals, including power evacuation approvals.
  • Expertise in securing connectivity for power evacuation through Inter-State and Intra- State networks.
  • Expertise in designing, optimized layout of 33 KV network of solar farm for minimizing transmission losses, carrying out load flow studies, designing of cost optimized construction drawings, assuring quality of material and work at sites all through the construction process.

Carbon Credit Services

  • VIVIID RENEWABLES has a dedicated team that specializes in Carbon Credit Service.
  • Carbon Credits Development & Trading support, Carbon Projects Validation, Registration & Verification support.