Green Hydrogen Farm Development

Green Hydrogen Farm Development

Viviid is your trusted RE partner in the development of Green Hydrogen parks. We are a leading renewable energy company with a wealth of experience in large-scale projects. We are committed to supporting India's energy transition and helping the country achieve its ambitious goals of energy independence and net zero emissions by 2070.

India's Green Hydrogen Imperative

Green hydrogen is a clean and renewable fuel that can be produced using renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. It has the potential to decarbonize a wide range of industries, including transportation, manufacturing, and power generation.

The Indian government has recognized the potential of green hydrogen and has launched the National Green Hydrogen Mission. This mission aims to create a favorable environment for the development of green hydrogen in India and to make the country a global hub for the production and export of this clean fuel.

Viviid's Commitment to Green Hydrogen

Viviid is committed to supporting India's green hydrogen mission. We are developing a portfolio of large scale RE projects which can be integrated with green hydrogen projects across the country. We are also working with partners to develop the infrastructure needed to support the production and use of green hydrogen.

Our Expertise

Viviid has a proven track record in developing renewable energy projects. We have a team of experienced engineers and project managers who are experts in all aspects of Renewable Energy production. We are also committed to innovation and are constantly looking for new ways to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of green hydrogen production.

Our Services

Viviid offers a wide range of services to support the development of green hydrogen projects. These services include:

  • Site selection and assessment
  • Engineering and design
  • Project management
  • Operations and maintenance

We invite you to join us in our journey to a cleaner, more sustainable future. Together, we can help India achieve its energy independence goals and make the country a global leader in the production and use of green hydrogen.

Let's shape the future of energy together.

Welcome to Viviid, where sustainability meets innovation.